How to Become a Modern Pentathlete

If you’re looking for the ultimate test of fitness, skill, stamina and strength, becoming a modern pentathlete might just be the challenge you’ve been craving.Modern Pentathlete

Most sports people only need to become masters of one sport. Modern pentathletes, on the other hand, need to master not one but five sports, each of which needs a high level of skill and competence.

The collection of events that make up the modern pentathlon might seem a little random, but in fact they’re based on the romantic myth of a young French soldier who got behind enemy lines to deliver a message. He had to ride, shoot, fence, swim and run his way through trial after trial before finally delivering his missive.

Modern athletes can thankfully dispense with the war and death – but the modern pentathlon does offer a quintet of adrenaline-pumping skills that will make any athlete feel like a true master. Here are the top tips you’ll want to follow if you’re looking to become a modern pentathlete.

Pick Your First Sport

Knowing that you need to master running, swimming, riding, shooting and fencing can seem daunting. Make it easier on yourself by choosing one sport to start with.

If you’re already skilled in one more sports, brush up on those first. The best way to build up the skills you need to succeed in pentathlon is to take it a sport at a time.

If you’re starting from scratch ask yourself:

•Which of these sports appeals to me most? You’ll be more likely to stick with it if you’re motivated.
•How accessible is the training? You’ll need a coach if you want to go far as a pentathlete. Look around and find yourself an available coach to help you decide where to start.
•What equipment to do I need or have? The equipment for the running and swimming parts is much easier to find, and much less expensive, than the equipment for shooting, fencing and horse riding. Let your budget and available equipment be your guide.

Build A Training Schedule

Work with your coach to build a training schedule that fits in with your life, while building the skills you need to excel at pentathlon. Ask your coach for tips and tricks at every stage so you can maximise the benefit of your training.

You’ll want to strike a balance between skill and endurance in your training, so you can build up the skills you need whilst also conditioning your body and growing your strength and stamina.

Start With Smaller Mixed Events

You don’t have to go from zero to pentathlon competition. One great tip is to start off with a single event such as riding or swimming, then progress to smaller mixed events such as a biathlon or triathlon. Once you’ve mastered run and swim, or run swim and shoot, you can move up to the next level.

Find A Professional Organisation

The best way to get into the pentathlete community is to reach out to a professional organisation. You’ll find a lot of help and support through Pentathlon GB [] who can give you information and put you in touch with others in the field.

If you’re looking for an all round event that will get you in top condition from head to to, modern pentathlon could be perfect for you.